Pick faster and more accurately with Dematic by putting orders in their place

  • The drive to increase supply chain velocity to reduce distribution costs together with the remarkable growth in online shopping has significantly increased the order fulfilment challenge for many in the supply chain.

    Dematic’s General Manager of Integrated Systems, Pas Tomasiello, said: “Many manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and e-tailers are now having to process more orders for smaller quantities of goods than ever before, significantly increasing their order fulfilment challenge and distribution costs.”

    “The most efficient way to handle multiple orders for small quantities of goods is to batch all of the orders together, pick multiple items at the same time, and then sort the products to the relevant orders,” explained Mr. Tomasiello.

    “The new Dematic Put Wall System has been created to improve the productivity and accuracy of sorting batch-picked items to orders, reducing order turnaround time and distribution costs,” he said.

    The Dematic Put Wall is a goods-to-person (GTP) workstation, enabled by Dematic order fulfilment software. Advanced algorithms within the software manage and direct the complex process of ‘putting’ multiple batch-picked items to individual orders.

    “The Put Wall is a bit like PO Boxes at the Post Office,” said Mr. Tomasiello.

    “After all of the goods required for a wave of orders have been picked, typically into totes bins, they are delivered to the Put Wall by trolley or, in some cases, by conveyor.

    “The Put Wall is essentially a wall of shelving with individual compartments, each of which represent a single customer order. Put Walls can support any number of separate order compartments, with the total depending on the physical characteristics of the products being handled. The order compartments can also be configured in a range of different sizes to suit each customer’s product range,” added Mr. Tomasiello.

    Each Put Wall module can process single line or multi-line orders. They can also be mounted on wheels so the order consolidation process can be moved around the warehouse, or moved to different locations as daily requirements change.

    “A key advantage with Dematic’s Put Wall is that it is a fully modular system, which can be easily scaled up to accommodate changing operational requirements,” said Mr. Tomasiello.

    “The Put Wall System can be a totally manual operation, or be used in conjunction with various levels of technologies such as barcode scanning, put-to-light displays or voice-directed picking to further increase productivity and throughput.”

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