Site Visits

  • All site visits are on Friday 31 March 2017.

    $115 per person (inc GST).

    Transport Management Centre (TMC)

    • Focuses on the deliver portion of the supply chain plan-source-build-deliver processes.
    • Serves as the Control Tower of the road network in Sydney, monitoring all events on the road network 24×7
    • Participants will get to see how the road sensors collect traffic information, how the information is processed, stored and used for the planning of future road netowrks around Sydney.  They will also get some insights of the role the TMC plays in managing events like the Lindt Cafe Siege or the footy match on the weekend.
    • In many sense, the TMC can be viewed as the nerve center of the city road network.  It’s role is similar to the control tower role of the Manufaturing Execution System (MES) in a factory or Warehouse Management System (WMS) in the warehouse.

    Reliance Rail Maintenance Centre

    • Focuses on the deliver portion of the supply chain plan-source-build-deliver processes.
    • Trucks, trains, planes and ships are the work horse of every supply chain network.  They physically move goods from where they are manufactured to where they will be used.
    • The visit will provide participants a rare view of the maintenance activities of the Waratah Trains.  These trains were assembled in Newcastle and maintained in Auburn by Downer under a turnkey project with Sydney Trains.
    • Participants will see the heavy maintenance work being conducted on the trains as they come off the network.  When in service, these trains run on a high 24 x 7 availability.


    Barangaroo is Australia’s premier financial and professional services hub and waterfront retail precinct.

    Developed in partnership with Lendlease, Barangaroo is the headquarters for top Australian and international corporations and a place for people to live, relax, shop and dine by Sydney Harbour.

    Barangaroo South is a true mixed-use neighbourhood of commercial office buildings, residential apartments, shops, cafes, restaurants with an international resort hotel and cultural facilities.

    When complete, there will be more than 23,000 office workers daily and up to 90 retailers. Designed by acclaimed architects – Lord Richard Rogers and Ivan Harbour from Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners – International Towers Sydney has been benchmarked against the best office developments in the world and showcases the latest thinking in workplace design and sustainability.

    This site drives an enormous number of logistics services…within a very constrained land footprint. This site visit represents a unique opportunity to understand how Barangaroo and its community are able to manage their logistics without congestion and with full visibility.

    • Focuses on the build portion of the supply chain plan-source-build-deliver processes.
    • Participants will get insights of how building materials are transported to the site in the middle of the Sydney CBD
    • Insights into traffic, geotechnical (ground/earthworks), marine, occupational health and safety challenges of this multi billion construction project.

    Kimberly Clark

    The Erskine Park National Distribution Centre is the centrepiece of the Kimberly-Clark Australia Fast Moving Consumer Goods distribution network. Opened in 2008, the site is comprised of 7 Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) cranes operating over 140 metres in length and 22 metres in height with storage bays up to 4 pallets deep and 9 bays high in the racking system. Along with an automated Roll on Roll Off (RORO) system for truck unloading, the site holds over 40,000 pallets of both local and imported products.

    • Focuses on the deliver portion of the supply chain plan-source-build-deliver processes.
    • The warehouse is the central/national distribution centre for the storage of paper products manufactured at the various Kimberly Clark manufacturing facilities around Australia.
    • From the here, the paper products are sent to major super market customers like Woolworths and Coles; and to the pharmacy distributors like Symbion and Sigma among others
    • Participants can view how the ASRS works together with the WMS system in managing bulky paper products


    The Toshiba NDC is a central  distribution  centre  covering  a wide  range  of spare parts and  consumer  goods.  The Goods  to Person system stores the majority of the spare parts enabling  a high service level to our customers. At this site visit you’ll see modular goods to person system together  with zone routing system as well as selective pallet  racking, single and double deep storage.

    • Focuses on the deliver portion of the supply chain for FG and SP and build to order.
    • The warehouse is the national distribution center for Aus and NZ for PC, Storage, Electronic Imaging and Medical Equip.
    • Participants can get insights into the challenges that a global electronics manufacturer faces in getting its products approved, imported, stored and distributed across Australia.
    • There will be a certain amount of subassembly operations conducted internally.
    • Unique features of the visit will be the enterprise systems used to track the many different parts used to maintain Toshiba electronic devices at its service centers around Australia
    • Dematic will be there to present the ASRS system as the system integrator

    Wednesday 29 March – 8.30am - 5.00pm
    Thursday 30 March – 8.30am - 4.00pm