Dr Pieter Nagel, Chief Executive Officer, apicsAU

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    Dr Nagel has spent his whole working career of more than 30-years, in Logistics. He has achieved a dynamic balance between corporate, consulting and academic positions and has always endeavoured to advance the logistics profession. He developed an international reputation as a leader in Supply Chain Strategy.

    Throughout his extensive career, he has amassed substantial global experience in the corporate, consulting and academic logistics environments. His experience has given strong legitimacy to the development of his vision for logistics to be a recognised profession rather than just a view on a collection of operational aspects. He has undertaken strategic global projects in all three arenas and has worked on all major continents providing logistics expertise to the petrochemical, defence, banking and finance and retail sectors. Key among his significant achievements has been his pivotal role in the establishment of three key university research and learning institutes. These entities continue to contribute significantly to the development of Logistics and all still operate successfully. He identifies the global re-structure of the logistics of a petrochemical company as one of his most satisfying corporate achievements.


    • The strategic development of Supply Chains into Collaborative Value Networks
    • Strategic Supply Chain Alignment
    • The Strategic (Global and Corporate) Logistics Environment
    • Logistics Clusters/Cities as key regional and economic development strategies enabling of Global Supply Chains
    • Effective Strategic Procurement as a fundamental link between Logistics and Supply Chain strategies and the execution of Logistics Operations

    Wednesday 29 March – 8.30am - 5.00pm
    Thursday 30 March – 8.30am - 4.00pm