Greg Becroft, Head of Processes, Woolworths Group

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    Greg is the Head of Process for Woolworths Group Supply Chain. His role at Woolworths combines more than 19 years retail experience, responsible for Process, Strategy, Business Architecture and Analytics of Woolworths Supply Chain.

    He has spent the last 3 years leading the design of business transformation for Woolworths Group Supply Chain. During this time Greg and his team looked for new ways of working across replenishment, store operations, vendor relationships and supply chain to deliver a more nimble and efficient end-to-end supply chain that enables the business to meet customer needs.

    In an age when terms like ‘Big Data’ and ‘Analytics’ are often used, few organisations are applying these principles with the same vigour as Woolworths. Taking a truly innovative approach on data utilisation to influence supply chain design and product flow optimisation, Greg and his team deliver significant value, service and operational efficiencies to Woolworths’ Supply Chain.

    Through the creation of a Supply Chain solution and the use of innovative technology Woolworths has been able to identify and improve service from its already highly efficient Supply Chain. The process of moving products from supply through production and eventually distributing them out to customers or stores presents a myriad of choices. The collective set of these choices makes up a product’s flow-path through the supply chain. Modelling these flows can provide you with a total landed cost or total cost-to-serve for each product. Modelling all the alternative flow options and using smart algorithms to determine the best choice can lead to significant cost reductions. Woolworths’ 50,000+ SKUs can be moved through its supply chain network that includes 21 distribution centres and a network of 3PL and direct to store options, in addition products can be short shelf life, chilled, or frozen. By modelling and then Optimising for each product and its anticipated demand, Woolworths can serve customers better with fresher product and more frequently whilst improving costs.

    Wednesday 29 March – 8.30am - 5.00pm
    Thursday 30 March – 8.30am - 4.00pm