Mark Watson, Group Forecasting & Planning Manager, Inenco Group

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    Mark has spent his career in the planning arena and been principally focused on how to make the planners day better than the last. Mark has been involved from both the actual planning of production lines in factories to the design, implementation, support and improvements of the supply chain planning processes, data and systems on a global scale having covered ranges as diverse as food, video cassettes, dairy commodities, gaming machines and now industrial goods. In this varied career to date Mark has witnessed the differences that can be gained from different planning systems, supply chain systems, planner capabilities and overall approaches of different supply chains to their task of supporting sales and this has put him in good stead to be able to assess extremely diverse product ranges and distil these down to the basics of good supply chain planning and inventory management. The current challenge is working with a SKU range that is vastly greater than any he has seen before where a reduction to 650,000 items was met with relief when compared to its’ peak at 975,000. How to manage this large portfolio during a time of significant change within the company, supply chain, data and org structure has resulted in seeking how to do more with less and get a significantly better outcome, especially when there remain many sceptics.

    Wednesday 29 March – 8.30am - 5.00pm
    Thursday 30 March – 8.30am - 4.00pm